How Remote Work Will Impact the Rural Home Industry

Although city life offers social benefits, millions live in large cities to earn higher incomes. The earning potential doesn’t compare to more secluded areas. The thing is, few with sufficient income prefer to spend all of their time living in the city. Plenty of city dwellers have vacation homes in rural environments to escape the bustle and relax in a more natural setting with friends and family whenever possible. However, due to the current pandemic, remote work is becoming the norm on a global scale, which means rural homes are more likely to become permanent homes instead of vacation properties.
With the huge number of high-paying jobs that can be done online these days, there is going to be more city dwellers who will prefer to spend more time in the peace and quiet of the picturesque countrysides that were once only meant for weekends and vacations. Not to mention, there is a growing phobia of illness and pollution, which will also affect the real estate industry. The demand for rural lifestyles will drive up the price of countryside properties.

Here’s just a few ways remote work’s effect on real estate will affect real estate and life in general:

More Home for Your Money

The price per square foot of a rural home is obviously much less than that of an apartment or home in the city, so you can afford a larger home. On top of that, things like groceries, utilities, gas, property taxes, transportation and healthcare typically cost much less in rural areas. Huge incomes aren’t as much of a necessity and you can enjoy life’s simple pleasures. The best things can’t be bought anyways, apart from time.

Improved Quality of Life

A lot of physical health problems are caused by mental health problems, which are often aggravated by stress, pollution, lack of Vitamin D and inactivity. Remote work and rural life is one of the best ways to successfully juggle health, work, and family without feeling burned out. People who have to commute to work waste hours per day in transport when that time could’ve been spent relaxing, being active outside, or enjoying the company of loved ones. Remote work makes the commute obsolete and makes it possible to actually enjoy the home you’ve sacrificed so much to make your own.

See the Stars, Breathe Fresh Air, Feel Safe and Live Free

  • Background noise and light pollution are usually only noticed once they’re no longer there.
  • Crime rates are significantly lower in the country. Your kids can play outdoors without being worried about busy streets and millions of strangers.
  • Classroom sizes are smaller as well, so quality of schooling goes up.
  • Home Owner’s Associations can’t dictate what color you paint your house or what kind of grass you can have. When you choose a rural property,  you’ll set yourself free.



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